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Are giffgaff goodybags better value than contract?

Sometimes. Depending on the phone you want to buy and how the number of calls you make each month, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a SIM-free mobile phone and use one of giffgaff's goodybag packages.

Whether giffgaff (Pay As You Go) or contract is cheaper depends very much on the phone you choose and the number of calls you make. For this reason, we've built a bespoke price comparison calculator to help you work out the answer. We compare the prices of giffgaff's Pay As You Go packages against contracts on 3, O2, Orange, Tesco, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

We hope it'll help you to find the best value mobile deal for you.

About this site.

This "Giffgaff Goodybags VS Mobile Contract" price comparison calculator was built by Ken Lo for Ken's Tech Tips. With this tool, we're aiming to make it easy to answer the age old question of "Is it cheaper to buy on Pay As You Go or with a contract?". We hope it'll help you find the best mobile deal for you.

We make every effort to ensure the prices listed here are correct, however there may occasionally be mistakes. Please double-check tariff information on the official website before purchasing. This site is neither associated or endorsed by any of the mobile networks mentioned.

This site is fully updated for the giffgaff goodybag changes (from 14th May 2013).

We compare: Apple iPhone 4S (8GB).  Apple iPhone 5c (16GB).  Apple iPhone 5c (32GB).  Apple iPhone 5c (8GB).  Apple iPhone 5s (16GB).  Apple iPhone 5s (32GB).  Apple iPhone 5s (64GB).  HTC One M8.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Samsung Galaxy S4.  Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.  Sony Xperia Z2.  

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